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“Executing Solutions”


Process Development

APEX has created a proven, disciplined approach, methodology, in developing new processes or improving existing ones. Facilitated workshops or re-occurring work sessions of cross-functional teams combine team-building interaction with process workflow development, inputs (requirements) and outputs (deliverables), voice of customer/stakeholder needs and metrics with an enhanced balanced scorecard.

“The APEX process development approach is well-suited for business/operation/administrative workflows affected by ‘silo mentality’, bureaucracy, and loss of customer focus.”

For organizations needing to transform their Quality Management System (QMS) from an environment of reactive remediation into a proactive, competitive advantage, APEX combines in-depth quality system expertise with its rigorous process development approach resulting in a compliant, effective, and efficient system with minimized bureaucracy and executable work.


Management System Development

APEX professionals bring years of experience in improving work to drive performance and future success. The learning that has been generated from this experience directed our primary focus to the development of the Management System.

We have created a comprehensive, methodical approach to building an effective management system that is developed in three phases. These essential building blocks are the Design, Manage, and Improve Phases. APEX calls this approach Work System Management™.

The Work System Management™ approach allows APEX to bring solutions in executing work for any system, process, workflow, or unique business opportunity.

Subject Matter Expertise

APEX recognizes that many technical and regulatory challenges are complex situations, often stemming from stagnation behind current industry practices, or being associated with aging, legacy products whose information may be very outdated and incomplete.

The APEX network of subject matter experts can be tapped into as needed to provide immediate experience, best-practices, and practical “hands on” assistance to navigate through your issues.


Lean Six Sigma

Oftentimes, organizations jump to conclusions about root cause and jump to focusing their efforts in managing corrective actions and remediation. Considerable time, effort, and money may be wasted in such an approach if the implemented actions do not actually address the fundamental reasons the issue has occurred.

APEX integrates proven Lean Six Sigma Tools in all its Methodologies, Approaches, and Problem Solving. This integration ensures that discipline, rigor and robustness are central to driving the intended results.

With this expertise, APEX can solidify the rigor of root cause investigations using experience-based tools and techniques rooted in Lean Six Sigma.