(815) 685-7250 | INFO@APEXPEG.COM
(815) 685-7250 | INFO@APEXPEG.COM

Proven Experience

“Partnering with the APEX Team”


APEX was founded in 2011 to partner with organizations in their excellence journey. Our passion is to improve, remediate, or design business and quality system operations with a focus on process. Our core group of professionals consists of managing partners and team members that have been “on the journey” since our inception.

Our cross-functional expertise and experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry brings a seasoned, well-proven set of foundational skills to bear in partnering with you to achieve your goals.

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Advisory Board

APEX has developed relationships with experienced, high-level executives and former FDA investigators to bring rich perspectives, strategic and tactical experiences, and business expertise to our team and yours. They provide sound input across broad areas of strategy, cultural change management, technical/ engineering leadership, and industry-leading knowledge and application of quality system and cGMP regulations that can better inform any formal communications and responses to regulatory agencies, engineering and remedial approaches to gain compliance, or business leadership mentoring to navigate a change-management situation.

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Consulting Team

APEX maintains a network of high-quality, experienced consultants that are engaged in specific situations where their expertise and personality complement a client engagement. We support a small group of trusted veterans in their professional development and training to ensure your goals are fully met.


  • Thank you for the work, patience, energy and effort you guys have put in to support. You guys have been fantastic to work with.

    Sr. Director, Manufacturing Operations
  • APEX’s people to process to procedure ™ philosophy ensures improvements aren’t just compliant, they work for our business.

    Director Supplier Controls
  • In all my years in the industry, this APEX team is the best I have ever seen.

    Director of Operations
  • APEX’s secret sauce is their expertise in what I call “enlightened quality” – delivering better processes, better results, better business.

    Director, Business Operations
  • The APEX team’s work speaks for itself, however the mentorship and support that you’ve always showed are things that aren’t teachable. I look forward to the day to give you a call about big growth and low backorders and I hope that you realize that the work that you accomplished / helped us accomplish was and will be foundational towards our future successes.

    Director, Manufacturing Operations
  • APEX has the professionalism and confidence to set ego aside and provide pure expertise to help companies improve in a sustainable, practical, and business-centric way.

    Director, Business Operations